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mine arrived last week and ive used it almost every day since it came. Cant say enough about it. It's great for planks, roll outs, and other core and abs workouts

saw it on Instagram and decided to try it out... very impressed and happy with it so far. Definitely better than regular planks and you can do different style planks too. 👍

hey it does its job!

Just the basic plank is much harder than the standard.

Great product

Wow, this definitely gets sections of my abs working that I was clearly missing. I need to work up slowly to maximise training with this. Solidly built and although early days, seems good quality. Happy with purchase so far 👍🏻

Core engagement

Powerful core workout. All the energy is on the core. Many ways to use and create core building strength. This is a keeper and be the go all for core strength building

CoreFlex all the way!

Before CoreFlex, working on my 6-pack was time consuming and results were hardly visible. But after using CoreFlex for for just a few minutes a day over the last couple of weeks, my abs are more toned than they've ever been!

Best Abdominal Equipment

I have tried all machines, exercises and this is the best equipment, it hits the entire Abdominal area. I will definitely recommend this to friends. Five 🌟🌟 🌟 🌟🌟

Amazing piece

I am completely blown away by the CoreFlex. I just received it a couple days ago and it really is amazing. I always feel the muscles being really engaged and it’s way better than just a classic plank. Would recommend this product.


good product

really solid workouts!

I got my Coreflex a couple days ago and waited to give it a review to really try it out. I have to say this thing kicks my butt! In a good way. It seriously engages all different muscles and I really feel the burn! Im really loving this and starting to use it every day even if its just for a couple minutes. Im excited to see how much weight this tool can help me lose!! I highly recommend to anyone considering this. Its amazing!

I love this thing

I love this ab roller! I can rollout and work my entire abs and core and the bonus is my back/lats are engaged as well which is exactly what I need since I can't do push ups anymore either. I've never seen anything like this - it takes all the strain off your wrists and allows your abs and back to do all the work. I've already recommended it to a few friends. Thank you for designing this ab roller, genius!

Great product

Very good quality. The design makes it easy on your wrists and the workout is surprisingly tough but so worth it. You really feel the results in a short time. I would totally recommend this product

easy but effective

Easy to use, but very effective. Great item for exercising

The Best!

There are many more standardized Ab Roller models, but this one is by far the most effective. The standard Ab Roller requires the user to grab the ale of the roller with both hands and gradually move forward (and then reverse) to work the abdominal muscles. This inadvertently places most of the torque on the user's hand and wrist area as opposed to the abdominal muscles. With the CoreFlex Roller design, the user's elbows are supporting their weight which shifts the concentration straight to the abdominal muscles. THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE AB WORKOUT TOOL! THE VERY BEST I'VE SEEN WITHIN THE FLOOD OF AB WORKOUT SYSTEMS.

Great for home workouts!

Great for home workouts!

AbsMaster Pro

This is one of the most essential pieces of exercise equipment I have ever purchased. I used to stick my feet under a coffee table and rip them up in the process while trying to work on my core. This is infinitely better!!

Amazing Love it

This device is amazing. Makes sit ups a breeze. Sticks to the floor no problem. Does not slide or move. So many work outs to do on it. Not only your abs and core but upper body as well as legs and glutes. Recommend this to anyone wanting to get in shape.

AbsMaster Pro™ - Elite Abs & Core Trainer

Love it

I finally don't have to have anyone hold my feet. This has me motivated again. Working on my abs. Thank you for this device.

Awesome, was happy to have helps me a lot,when I do sit up and some exercise.
I highly recommend this to other people
who loves to exercise.

They are great and love it...

Best tool I used for home workouts

All here and ready to go! Love it.
The exercise samples are great. I made up a full exercise routine using them and the ones they show on the webiste.

Still getting use to it

I use it everyday but only for about ten minutes


Makes works out easy and not heavy. You can move it to any room in the house.